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Creative Writing using Psalms and Images of God

resources In this section the children are encouraged to consider what God is like, not just in terms of what he may look like, but what does he do ? How does he work ? Where do we see him ?

We also look at a series of different Psalms and consider the way in which different writers expressed their thoughts, feelings and emotions before God. Even put into words and songs some of their inner most feelings. Psalm 145 has a wealth of descriptions and attributes.

Footsteps of Jesus

cards The footsteps of Jesus picture pack is based on a series of colour pictures and reflections centered on the Stations of the Cross. We have chosen six pictures to act as a reflective time for all-age worship, collective worship or part of a RE day within school. Each picture has with it a series of questions and a simple activity for you to share. Groups are encouraged to travel around looking at the pictures and spend some time, thinking, reflecting, and if appropriate praying.

Each picture also comes with a suggested activity for reflection.


Christmas Journey

cards Christmas Journeys offers an experience to help schools, churches and individuals share and reflect upon the journey towards the stable and the birth of Jesus. Using a series of pictures and activities groups are encouraged to share together, and reflect upon the different people involved. It can be adapted for a wide range of contexts, think about where it might be best to use the ideas in your Advent or Christmas program or syllabus.


Reflective Spaces - Collective Worship

cards With a wealth of experience in conducting Collective Worship Peter uses creative ideas, visual aids and drama to enhance the story or theme. The children and young people are encouraged to take it further with reflective areas set up around school for them to handle and interact with.

Happenings - a series of guided reflections and prayers using visual images

cards Happenings is a pack of 30, A6 size postcards. Each of the cards has a picture on the front and a guided reflection on the rear. The intention is to encourage the user to set up a display using several items as a visual aid depending upon the name of the reflection.

Happenings Cards including postage

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